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Radiant Electronics Limited

0.42 inch 72x40 Dots White OLED Display - SPI I2C interface with SSD1315 controller

With slim size (thickness less than 1.3mm) , our mono 0.42 inch OLED display features the advantage of excellent excellent clear view from full viewing directions, wide temperature with light weight that mono LCD displays do not possess. 

The following color options are available for this model including:

  • White RP7240-30-TSWG16P042B
  • Blue

  Moreover, customized  FPC is available for this model, including:

  • Flexible Design of FPC in shape , length & pin numbers to accommodate the display to customer’s product
  • Flexible Design of FPC to Soldering or Connector type

While enjoying the full benefits from  PMOLED  technology, this product is  used on a wide range of consumer products that require compact size & good visual effect,  but do not command a constant use of display, including intelligence door system, smart home & blood glucose meter.


Module size(W x H x D) 12.0x11.0x1.227 mm
Viewing area(W x H)
Character Size
Dot Size
Dot pitch (W x H)
Interface 4-WIRE SPI Serial interface, I2C
Driver Condition
Driver IC SSD1315
Operating temperature -30 - 70 ℃



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