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Radiant Electronics Limited

16x1 Character LCD Display Module, Large (RC12864-35)

RD1601B  offers large character size among 16x1 character LCD displays.

The following color options are most widely ordered:

  • RD1601B-B White on Blue
  • RD1601B-Y Black on Yellow-Green
  • RD1601B-G Black on Gray  

In addition, a wide range of customized options are available for this model, including:

  • Different Backlight & Color options (Including black color)
  • Different Voltage (3.3V, 5.0V and other customized voltage)
  • Different Interface (Including Serial SPI, I2C interface)
Different Temperature (Including Extended high temperature)


Module size(W x H x D) 122 x 33 x 13.3 mm
Viewing area(W x H) 99 x13 mm
Character Size 4.84 x 8.06 mm
Dot Size 0.92 x 1.10 mm
Dot pitch (W x H) 0.98 x 1.16 mm
Interface 8-bit Parallel interface
Driver Condition 1/16 Duty , 1/5 Bias
Driver IC AIP31066
Operating temperature -20 - 70 ℃



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